Monday, July 31, 2006

The Islamic Double Standard

By Pete Fisher (07/27/2006)

Hamas sends children to their death by strapping explosives onto them to destroy innocent lives and property. They teach their children from birth to hate and raise them up with the same murderous intentions as the generations before them.

They kidnap Israeli soldiers; they commit acts of terror on an almost daily basis. No different than Hezbollah or Al-Qaida, and dozens more like them. They see no wrong with what they do because they honestly believe that by taking certain passages from the Koran, they have a god given right to steal and destroy from those who refuse to believe in Islam and it’s founder.

Iran and Iraq fought for years on end with millions dead. No Jihad was proposed to protect Muslims from death in that war. Syria slaughtered tens of thousands of Palestinians, as did Jordan when the Palestinians decided to try and squat inside those nations and begin to scream for their own state. No Jihad.

Iran keeps Muslims oppressed by the millions within its own borders. The Taliban oppressed and tormented an entire nation with Sharia in Afghanistan with no protests from the Muslim streets world wide. Sudan sits devastated as Muslims destroy and kill daily the innocent people who have been displaced by the millions. No Jihad.

And now Hezbollah crosses into Israel and kidnaps 2 soldiers from the IDF, and runs to hide once more behind the civilian population instead of fighting as an army should fight. They lob missiles into Haifa where no military bases are launching from. They kill, innocent civilians as they always have, through means of cowardice and terror tactics.

They have occupied Lebanon for years. They have infiltrated the government, and they have put forth the face of benevolence by using Iranian and Syrian monies to feed the locals in order to gain support. Yet no Jihad was ever begun to stop the oppression in any of these nations simply because Muslims are the ones oppressing, and not an infidel entity.

And we watch as Israel continues to create a buffer zone to keep these cowards from lobbing missiles into civilian areas for the sole intent to murder those who cannot fight back. It is their right to do so. But they are at least attempting to spare civilian life and property, which would be easier if Hezbollah did not hide behind them.

Hezbollah are not bombing Israeli launch sites or tanks with their rockets. They are not attacking military bases where Israeli forces operate from. They are bombing homes and businesses that are simply innocent of the thrust into Lebanon by the IDF.

So much for the Muslims who have been telling me all these years that " Even ONE life taken is like taking the life of ALL humanity." Must be just Muslim lives, because I hear no Jihads for the people of Haifa or Sudan.

And if the IDF hid among civilians, and placed their rocket launchers and tanks into civilian neighborhoods, one could not blame Hezbollah for attacking those sites if they had a legal and moral reason to do so. But the IDF does not hide behind the women and children of Israel, nor do they operate their military campaigns from holy sites as do Muslims. And they have a legal and moral reason to attack.

Just today there is another call for Jihad and genocide by Islam against Israel by Ayman al-Zawahri for the destruction of Israel, “Until Islam reigns from the Gaza to Spain.” Because Israel decided to fight back against the cowardice of Islam?

It is so easy to see from any other angle outside of Islam that Hezbollah messed up pretty bad here. And it should be plain to see that Hezbollah has no true concern for the Lebanese people, as they commit acts of terror and hide behind the innocent people of Lebanon. No different than Bin Laden, who hides in holes directing others to their deaths with visions of a virgin laden Paradise, or the clerics who scream safely from their parapets for all around them to sacrifice their lives and the lives of their children while keeping harems of young boys and enjoying a prosperity that is never shared with those they lead.

Arafat robbed his own people blind, Saddam and his family stole from Iraqis their oil fortunes while torturing the population, the Taliban killed people for adultery while engaging in sex with children and animals. No Jihad was ever called for.

They disallow other religions in many Muslim nations, and treat the people as animals who believe differently. Yet come to Europe and America screaming about equality and suing for discrimination in predominantly Christian cultures.


This is what is taught in Koran, and some of these practices borrowed from Mohammed, such as pedophilia and slaughtering those who refuse to believe. And as long as it is being done by Muslims, it can be excused away or forgiven, no matter how evil or sickening the act. Hypocrites.

But a small nation like Israel cannot defend itself from Islamic terror without having the bulk of the Muslim world call once again for her destruction? One cannot even print a small cartoon of Mohammed without riots and cries of terror on a global scale? Hezbollah and Hamas can commit stupid acts of terror and kidnap Israeli soldiers on their own soil, and no Jihad is cried out against them for endangering innocent civilians with their stupidity?


The world tires of this hypocrisy and it will continue to tire of it. It is not Israel who began this conflict. It was Hamas and Hezbollah. It was not America who began the War on Terror; it was Bin Laden and his murderous gang of Mohammedan thugs. It was never Israel calling for the destruction of all Muslims, nor was it the West.

It has been Islam calling for the annihilation of Christians and Jews and their nations that began all this. And I truly believe that it will not be Europe, America, or Israel that begins a nuclear war in the Middle East or elsewhere. I believe it will be those who continue to salivate over the thought of blood in their hopes of appeasing Allah, so they can finally look at a nude woman in Paradise without fear of hell fire. They can partake in death what Allah has outlawed in life. Hypocrites.

Once again, it becomes the fault of Israel and her supporters in the Islamic mind. Just as a Muslim male thinks a woman can be raped if she dresses in a way that offends him, Islam believes it can rape the nations and people it finds offense in. Hypocrites.

And I truly believe they will continue this asinine hypocrisy until they get what they so truly desire. Their perception of a martyrs’ death or the annihilation of any who refuses Mohammed and his strange cult seems to be the only way out for them.

Personally, I would prefer the first choice before having to deal with the latter.
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