Saturday, February 04, 2006

Disturbed Concert

Fucking awesome. To the fat girl who insisted on grabbing my ass to keep her balance that's cool next time use my shoulders. To the hot short latina girl rubbing her tits on my arm, her ass on my crotch, and holding my arm you looked amazing and liked rock music, would you marry me?

To the guy I knocked down after elbowing him, because he hit me in my neck, you deserved it and I'm glad no one picked you up. But what sucks is you most likely got stepped on. Oh well life goes on. To the 25-30 year old who helped me teach a kid a lesson on how to stop pushing people when some one tells you to, thanks. Your push and my punch taught him to respect his elders, granted I was only a few years older than him. To the asshole who hit me in the eye, I nearly lost my contact, and almost went blind. That was awesome. To all the people who got kicked out during the first song of a Life Once Lost hahahaha. Next time don't start mosh pits right next to a cop and you might get to see more than one song.

To the Lizard Man your antics were crazy. Swinging that shit from your ears, to putting the large ass hook through your nose, blowing a condom up through your nose and flossing with it, licking your blood off the hooks, cutting your nosehairs with scissors halfway up your nose and eating the blood, your forked tongue,yet you were hilarious and insane at the same time. To your roadie who did the fish hook act with his eyes and picked up two bottles of Jager that was awesome you deserved all the applause you got.

To Disturbed you kicked mother fucking ass. From Prayer, to Stricken, Remember, and Down with the Sickness you got the crowd going. Also calling out all the EMO bullshit bands that all start with, "The ....," coming out and ruining rock music that was awesome. Great performance and granted I missed grabbing a drumstick by 2 feet it's ok because I caught one prior to that from Bloodsimple, autographed too. Bloodsimple was awesome, but a Life Once Lost wasn't that great if that's the band that also played.

Well now that my hearing is gone for a few days it was overall one of the best nights of the new year, can't wait to see you guys in concert again.
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