Monday, November 21, 2005

Conversations cont.

SirPoncelot: well im gonna go to sleep already
extrmimprts02: aight man later
SirPoncelot: im going to the flea market tomorrow morning
SirPoncelot: so i have to wake up early
extrmimprts02: yeah get the good deals
extrmimprts02: plus the tacos are fresh in the morning
SirPoncelot: lol
SirPoncelot: yeah true

extrmimprts02: have u been working out?
SirPoncelot: yeah
SirPoncelot: my mouth
extrmimprts02: lmao sucking all that dick huh?
SirPoncelot: no not like you
SirPoncelot: i was eating
extrmimprts02: lol shit u turned it around
extrmimprts02: asshole
SirPoncelot: Gaylord Focker
extrmimprts02: Malcolm X
extrmimprts02: cuz ur black with glasses
SirPoncelot: Jesus
extrmimprts02: fuck thats the worst insult
SirPoncelot: cause u remind me of him
extrmimprts02: im not fat and short with pubes on my chin
SirPoncelot: lol
SirPoncelot: true

extrmimprts02: he got tripped
SirPoncelot: yeah
extrmimprts02: the black guy did it
extrmimprts02: its always the black guy
SirPoncelot: lol
SirPoncelot: its always the nigger

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Conversations and a pic

xtrmimprts02: hey
SirPoncelot: .yo
extrmimprts02: isnt it past ur bedtime?
SirPoncelot: yeah
SirPoncelot: im really quiet so that my parents wont hear me
extrmimprts02: lmao

extrmimprts02: hey
extrmimprts02: do u have ur paper for van cleave?
SirPoncelot: no
SirPoncelot: i ate it when she gave it back
extrmimprts02: lmao
SirPoncelot: dude for real
extrmimprts02: liar
extrmimprts02: u just dont want me to cheat
SirPoncelot: ill check if i have it
SirPoncelot: once i take a shit
extrmimprts02: i want to see what u wrote
extrmimprts02: cuz im doing it on the slave passage
SirPoncelot: i did my on that fag looking for spices
extrmimprts02: columbus
SirPoncelot: yeah
SirPoncelot: that fag

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Friday, November 04, 2005

This was funny for about 20 seconds.

Seizures induced by this picture are not my fault.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The conversations of two Mexicans

extrmimprts02: ur fellow supporters against gay marriage are going to be marching in austin on saturday
extrmimprts02: guess what group it is
SirPoncelot: the spurs
extrmimprts02: lmao
extrmimprts02: no
extrmimprts02: the KKK
SirPoncelot: oh
extrmimprts02: just thought id let u know so u could go support your cause
SirPoncelot: lol
SirPoncelot: ok

SirPoncelot: thats u
SirPoncelot: the referee
extrmimprts02: thats u the black slave
extrmimprts02: i mean ball boy
SirPoncelot: lol

extrmimprts02: brent barry is funny
SirPoncelot: i know
SirPoncelot: he reminded me of u
extrmimprts02: yeah cuz im funny
SirPoncelot: no cause he kissed a guy
extrmimprts02: LMAO
extrmimprts02: wait...when have i kissed a guy?

SirPoncelot: are u really gonna join that hispanic club
extrmimprts02: maybe
extrmimprts02: bunch of hot girls
SirPoncelot: r u serious
extrmimprts02: yeah
SirPoncelot: what kind of stuff do they do
SirPoncelot: besides be mexican
extrmimprts02: make more mexicans
SirPoncelot: lmao
SirPoncelot: why am i not surprised

SirPoncelot: hey wait, so is that mexican club like the Asian Invasion at school
extrmimprts02: i guess
extrmimprts02: cept mexican
SirPoncelot: yeah so then they arent gay
SirPoncelot: will ur parents let u join that
extrmimprts02: fucker...most likely as long as one of the girls doesnt come out pregnant
extrmimprts02: and if one does then i'll really get kicked out
SirPoncelot: again
extrmimprts02: lol yeah
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